Frequently asked questions

Wellness partners

After an initial audit of your business, Go Green will endeavor to connect your wellness business with patients and customers that have been prescribed plant based medications. This will be through referrals and PR & Marketing activity. 

At Go Green, we put the patient at the heart of everything we do. Before we work with your business, we need to guarantree certain standards are met to ensure a first class experience for customers seeking plant based medicine.

When we audit your business, we are specifically looking at the customer journey, business knowledge and related communications. Questions we ask are:


  • Does your business provide excellent customer service?
  • Are open lines of communication with customers in place? 
  • Can customers contact your team to find out further information on a product or script?
  • Does the business have a dedicated wellness phone line?
  • Is the team trained to provide advice to customers seeking plant-based medicine?
  • Does your business offer high quality products at competitive prices?
  • Do you offer fast delivery?

At Go Green, we know that navigating the world of PR & Marketing can be difficult when it comes to plant based medicine as there are strict TGA advertising guidelines in place. 


We will work with your team to develop an effective PR & Marketing strategy that includes:


  • Social media marketing (including SEO)
  • PR activity to generate news articles in relevant media outlets 
  • Customer communications – through e-newsletters, direct mail

Go Green will endeavor to connect your wellness business with patients and customers that have been prescribed plant based medications from clinics within our network. 


Go Green will also conduct strategic PR & Marketing activity to create awareness and attract new customers.


At Go Green, we act in the best interest of your patients. 


Go Green will ensure your patients are well looked after by connecting them with a wellness business that they can communicate with, will provide high quality products, great service and will be competitive on price. This will ensure patients do not contact you direct to check on the status of a plant-based medicine prescriptions. 


This will in turn generate a more loyal and more appreciative patient.

Go Green will work with your clinic to ensure the most appropriate wellness partner is selected from our network for you to work with.

We understand that the costs of similar plant based products can vary up to 20% across different pharmacies in the Australian market. 


Our team will conduct a pricing audit every six months to ensure product pricing within the wellness businesses/pharmacies Go Green work with is competitive against other pharmacies. If pricing is different, we will work with you and your team to seek out another pharmacy option

Clinics will still need to submit patient prescriptions with the agreed Wellness Partner.


Go Green will endeavor to connect your pharmacy with patients that have been prescribed plant based medications.