Better Health

Health & Wellness Communications

We create effective communications campaigns to market the exceptional products and services our clients provide.


We understand that compliance is a key consideration when we create promotional strategies for your business. We offer you a highly experienced and successful communications team who will achieve the results you are needing.

What can Go Green do for you?

We work with health and wellness businesses that prescribe and supply plant-based products. 

Our strategic focus is on the business development, PR and marketing of health and wellness businesses to procure business opportunities through patient referrals.

To ensure a patient first approach, we rigorously audit all of our business partners to  ensure they provide excellent customer service and patient journey, so when we direct customers to your business, they will enjoy the best wellness journey possible.

Our Partners

Supporting Patients

At Go Green, we represent patients and consumers across Australia who are looking to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. This includes wellness opportunities such as plant based medicines, natural practitioners, alternative health care, doctors and nurses, clinics, pharmacies and health stores.

We support patients journey into this sector by ensuring that our partners are focused on: 

Supporting your wellness business

We offer specialised marketing and PR services exclusively to businesses focused on health and wellness. This includes practitioners in the health and wellness industry,  pharmacies, medical clinics, health and wellness products and alternative therapy providers. We work with businesses who are putting the care of their patients first.

Supporting clinics

We represent some of Australia’s most reputable medical clinics and will ensure that your patients are well considered at each step of their journey, thereby offering you and your clinic the assurance that they will be supported in their health journey.


We have a network of over ten major pharmacy groups nationwide to make the process as convenient as possible, and we will conduct quarterly audits of the pharmacies to ensure the above requirements are met for your patients.